The Rainbow Egg: Book Excerpt


The Rainbow Egg by Dr. Linda Hendricks shows adoption from a different perspective as illustrated in this excerpt:

“Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow looked at each other, and then they looked up at the redbird, who was smiling at them. They turned to Hope and said these words to her: ‘We know that it has been very difficult for you to carry this egg with no nest. Now there is a special, beautiful chick who is a part of you. We will love this chick as our own. We promise this chick will always know how much you love and care for him. We are so grateful the redbird sang his song today. His song is what brought you to us and to our empty nest. We have been blessed.'” (excerpt from The Rainbow Egg).

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This Baby Chick


A MUST have beautifully illustrated color children’s picture book for ALL including those with infertility, adopted children, children in adoptive homes and birthparents or potential birthmothers of adopted children.



“I love this baby chick so much. And I always want this special little chick to know how much I love him. This is why I have placed him in your nest. He will be loved and he will be safe. He will love you and call you Mommy and Daddy. He will always be special and will grow up to have rainbow feathers just like you, and I am so grateful the redbird sang his song. His song is what brought me to your empty nest. I have been blessed.”  (excerpt from the book.)


Book review of The Rainbow Egg by Linda Hendricks, M.D.


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This is a children’s book about an unconventional chicken named Hope who doesn’t live with other chickens, but with the animals in the forest. She lays an egg, but since she doesn’t have a nest she ends up trying to carry it around, and it is too heavy. Then she finds a chicken house where all the chickens have eggs in their nest, except one couple, Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow. There Hope finds a solution to her problem, and Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow find hope for their sadness.

_225_350_Book.862.coverSome parts of this story were not completely clear to me, such as why Hope couldn’t have a nest in the forest, and the significance of the redbird. Also, as an adult, I connect the chicken-with-the-egg-but-no-nest with the nest-with-no-egg, and I start to think about the concept of adoption. However, I’m wondering if children will ask why Hope didn’t just stay in…

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The Rainbow Egg


The Rainbow Egg, by Linda Hendricks, shares the story of adoption
through the eyes of the birthmother, not the eyes of the adopted child.ResizeImageHandler

The book introduces a chicken named Hope, who lives without a nest in the forest with
the bears, deer and turkeys.

After Hope finds herself with an egg, she comes upon a chicken house where she
meets Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow, who have a nest but no egg. Hope places her egg in their
nest and an adoption unfolds.

Hendricks hopes that readers find the book highlights the love in adoption, showing
adopted children that their birthmothers loved them very much.

“I wanted to write a book that would give my adopted children a story of love where their
background is concerned,” says Hendricks. “They must know that their birthmothers
loved them very much.”

The Rainbow Egg aims to display that birthmothers perform a selfless act of love when
they place their child in an adoptive home.